Monday, June 8, 2009

Hugo O`Conor - Founder of Tucson

The Saenz Family

Hi Jill
Most likely the Saenz family were originally Spanish Sephardic Jews. Kabbalistic scholars and physicians to
Spanish nobles, monarchs even like the kings of Aragon enjoying exceptional protected status and they later converted and as conversos prospered and spread. The medieval kingdom of Aragon extended into the South of France as far as Perpignan and that area until it was ceded by James II of Aragon to the King of France. Former parts of Merovingia of course.
Thank your friend for her insightful critique of my strange picture its all to do with dreams, unconscious influences and Jungian archetypes.
In this week we have gone from high temperatures and unending sunshine to high winds and unending rain and even snow on hills in the North.
Colin H