Thursday, July 23, 2009

23 Jul 2009 9:32 am

Hi Renne, Hang on in there. I still think the diary is genuine. Those with little or no understanding spend their time criticising. Yes, Renne d'Anjou was privvy to the geometry as were many others. It does serve a useful purpose but I certainly would not put anything about it on the forum. My next book will include a great deal. It is scheduled out 30th September but I have some more trips to do so it may be a bit delayed. I liked that photo of the Menorah that you posted. Do you think it is to correct measurements? Which copy of the Menorah is it? Can you send me that image as I am looking for a good picture to include in the book. Stick with the Church for all truth will be revealed. If you would like to look at my website you might find it interesting but don't discuss the content on the forum. There is a good Radio Rennescence 55 minute interview accessible through the 'Contact' page on thje website which you might find fun. Regards, Bill Kersey (HP)_________________Bill Kersey - certifying Ben Hammotts genuine discoveries