Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tucson Martinist Artist Daniel Martin Diaz

May 2010
See this link.

Rosa carinosa,Been busy of late. We've had a pretty good Spring over here this year so I have spent a fair amount of time in the garden and in addition have been doing a bit of home decorating. Thanks for keeping me informed about the Forum. I look at it from time even if I don't log-in. Somewhat over-awed by the intellectuality of it all. Saw your pic of the Martinist inspired vocalists. Why are there so many Martinists in Arizona? Have done a bit more work on the Diary. Found two more pseudonyms used by Rodrigo:- Eugene Rodrigues and Erastine Ramiro. I have also discovered that he wrote articles for a Parisian magazine called Gil Blas. On Parisian nightlife and the can-can. This magazine chronicled the social life of Paris during the Belle Epoque and expired fittingly enough in 1914. Another strange thing is that on checking a Paris Directory for 1900 I found that Eugene Rodrigues is described as and avocat - a barrister over here an attorney in the US right. Of our friend Rodrigo though no listing. Rodrigo did study law in his youth. Have been surmising wildly that maybe Eugene Rodrigues was his real name and that when in exile in London he adopted the much grander name of Saenz de Castillon which rather upsets the apple-cart you might say. He could hardly practice law under
an assumed name. Or maybe he was Eugene Rodrigues Saenz de Castillon which he shortened for professional reasons. The mystery deepens. CAH

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