Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saenz Family Crest - a Tree signifies a Converso family

Rosa de mi corazon May 2010 Yes we know that Pasqually was in Haiti we have that much from Rodrigo. Ah Rodrigo who was he really? The more I explore his Diary the less sure I am. I don't mean I am less sure that a person calling himself Rodrigo Saenz de Castillon existed it is just that his real self, his persona is so elusive.I don't doubt that this Rodrigo knew the people he says he did and moved in the circles he says he did also but his use of pseudonyms and noms de plume, his use of codes and perhaps also of disguises he sometimes seems to vanish into a thick turn of the century fog. He was talented certainly but I sometimes it was talented in the way that con-men, ticksters and card-sharps are. fascinante, enigmatico. Maybe it was all the result of his early Martinist training. How do I access your Martinist's art work?

Colin H

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