Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Castillon the Book

Hi Jill
Sixties music - well I liked the West Coast Sound particularly Jefferson Airplane but Stone Ponies I must have missed. Oh and The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and later The Band. Didn't know Linda Ronstadt was a Tucsonian. Yes I like Mariachi and most things Mexican - pity about the swine flu though. A "classical" piece I particularly like is El Salon Mexico by Aaron Copland.
Thanks for the Wiccan urls. Must have a look. Your friend sounds like quite a lady. It's all White Magic right?
Give you a break you say with regard to Don Rodrigo ok his name shall never again pass my lips again in my e-mails to you if you see what I mean. But when the book comes out detailing his nefarious and amorous exploits under the imprint of some questionable bodice-ripping publisher and sells a few million (if only) remember that you heard about him here first!
Will be interested to see your Senior Project when you get it online and the photos of those lovely genius girls.
By the way I have finished my picture. Three Masked Ladies it's a sort of collage. It's also a tad strange and I have subtitled it A Merovingian Pagan Rite. I had this strange feeling while working on it that the Merovingians were lurking in the shadows. Most odd. Must find out more about their pre-Christian culture. Will send you a picture of the picture when I manage to take one.
Always nice to hear from you Jill you lead such an interesting life.
Oh I am now reading the Arizona Daily Star as well.
You never got round to naming your favourite artists.
Colin H

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