Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Working on the Diary (!)

Tue 4/28/09 11:14 AM
Hi Jill
Panic over your e-mail turned up again - good old aol. That was a relief to know that Castillon is not after all relegated to the outer darkness. Yes I am still working on the diary as and when I can. Should have something very soon you shall have it. Beginning to think I might be a psychic dreamer too on the evidence of strange experiences when painting the three women. What characterizes a psychic dreamer? In the 60's I worked for six years in Tanzania helping to set up a public library service. 1966-1972 to be precise. Have never been back but they were great years. The Forum seems to have really got to you. I usually avoid scenes like that. Quiet, reclusive,not to say monkish person that I am! Take care.
Colin H.

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