Friday, May 8, 2009

Gaby Deslys

Hi Jill
Sorry not to have been in touch these past few days. Have been trying to get some painting done as the weather has been too bad - wind, rain - to do much in the garden. Gaby DesLys mmmm would be nice to think so but I don't buy it having looked at many pictures of her.. She was incredibly beautiful and had many admirers including the King of Portugal so I don't think poor old Rodrigo was quite in her league (he did have lots of charm though when it came to romancing ladies) although she did appear on stage in London about the time he was living in London. Dickens died in 1870 so Rodrigo was in London about 40 years later when as I say the city was a vastly different place. I must say that I am as puzzledas you about Little Dorrit but she was definitely born to Old Dorrit's wife just after they entered the Marshalsea the birth is graphically described at the beginning but I don't think she was his child but Clennam Senior's who was not after all Arthur's father. Confusing or what.
Colin H

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