Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Castillon in England

Hi Jill
This weekend and today was a holiday weekend over here and of course the weather was foul. You've not been dancing recently have you because we have certainly had the rain. So the Catholics are a problem and a thorn in your side. Is that surprising given the attitude of the RC Church to Dan Brown. Witness their anger at the new film. Yes I'd like the Diary to be just entre nous for the time being unless I think some of it should be released but then I don't want to cause any more trouble for you. I gave the Forum a miss. Too much of a coward I suppose. My motto is don't look for trouble.Visited the Blog without any trouble and looked at the photos all those lovely ladies - what happened to them all?
Castillon in London - yes it's quite possible he did go under the name Senza over here and that he adopted his Mademoiselle. His personal finances were sorted out through a series of deals with his creditors and he emerged from the debacle with enough to live on but on condition he lived abroad. He had to write (mostly journalistic hack work) for the many weekly and monthly journals which flourished in England at that time and were avidly read by a wide new readership the product of the compulsory education acts from 1872 onwards. His masonic and occultist credentials also no doubt opened a good number of doors for him. As to the climate well its not all that bad and sanitary and public health reform had made London a far different place from what it had been in Dickens's time, after all it was now the capital of a mighty Empire, and he could always escape to the south coast to sample the delights of Brighton which was known as "Doctor Brighton" because of its power to restore the jaded spirits of city dwellers. Not of course as glitzy as Nice or Monte Carlo but beggars, etc. Yes I am sure he enjoyed life on the whole but he was a prey to melancholy and disillusionment and would probably be diagnosed bi-polar today and this probably had something to do with the alacrity with which he joined the army in 1914. Unlocking the coded passages would help but then again they might just be a sordid chronicle of sexual conquest and what then.
My I seem to have gone on a bit but I do enjoy writing to you and receiving your e-mails. Take care now.

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