Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pre RLC - Emma Calve`s Party Guests Deciphered

Hello Jill
Thank you for your latest e-mails. I am sorry if I seemed to be impatient for a reply. I realize that you must lead a very busy life and it is good of you to take the time out to correspond with me. I am glad that you found the extracts I sent you a little exciting and I can see that they would be seen as just that by Sauniere researchers. I would not object to you writing about them providing that I can retain my anonymity for the present. Could that be done? I really appreciate your input into all this and don't mind sharing what I find with you. Your second e-mail I found a little cryptic. The subject is Papus and you write, "Is it he whom she describes?" I don't think Papus was at EC's little house-party, the 'Sar' is almost certainly Josephin Peladan, writer, mystic and motivator of the Rose+Croix. He styled himself 'Sar' which he said was ancient Persian for Mage. Incidentally he was yet another Lyonaisse. His knowledge of the esoteric was said to be unrivalled in his day. His friends called him "a one-man orchestra of the infinite" and although he was best known as a music critic, he was a novelist as well and a patron of Symbolist Art. It was thanks to his slogan "Artist-you are the king! Artist-you are the priest! Artist-you are the Mage" and his untiring organization of lectures and concerts and exhibitions that the Salon Rose+Croix got under way.
Now to change the subject. I would like very much to have a copy of the picture you mention if it can be done. Thank you for that..
Kindest regards
Colin H

Dear Jill
Thank you for all the nice things you said about the bird painting. It made my day. I read your piece on Sauniere and Limoux. Enthralling as always. I am still working on Castillon. Will be going up to London this coming weekend to consult with a friend on certain passages. At present working on that house-party at La Diva's (Emma Calve) and what they got up to and think I have identified most of the guests mentioned with some certainty. CD = Debussy, EB = Emma Bardac his mistress and later wife (1908); P = the Polish pianist Paderewski maybe; Leconte = the symbolist, decadent poet and writer of pornographic novels is I think Pierre Louys who inspired Debussy's L'Apres Midi d'une Faun; Marcel = Proust based on the fact that his A la Recherche de Temps Perdues is certainly an oustanding novel of the 20th century;JO = ? this one is a puzzle I must admit but could it be Johann Orth the 'lost' Archduke turned sailor? His morganatic wife was a singer in Vienna I think named Ludmilla ? known as Millie although Castillon says Molly. But wasn't Johann Orth officially dead by this time? The Ser is surely Sar Peladan. Anyway the work goes on. Trust you are well and no nasty side-effects from flue jab. Will keep in touch,
kindest regards,
Colin H.

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