Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Marquis and Frida

Hi Jill
How very quaint and I am sure dear old Rodrigo would find it all so amusing. You talk of this "Marquise" in the masculine but that would be Marquis surely as in De Sade etc., etc. He's surely not a Marchioness? Where do they get these titles from anyway.
The "Merovingian" picture is finished will send you a photo of it as soon as I can. Yes its amazing the way people clamoured to get hold of Dickens' works. Just shows the advantages of serialization in those days.Was that a good production in your opinion. Of course Quilp is portrayed as really repulsive both physically and morally in the book being a victim of dwarfism which is probably not PC acceptable at today's BBC but as I say I haven't seen that one.
Yes I like Mary Cassat and Berthe Morrisot too. What do you think of Frida Kahlo?
Colin H

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