Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oscar Wilde in France

Hi Jill
Thanks for all the stuff received recently. Have visted the art blog and enjoyed the pictures. You could be right about the purpose of the code but then again it could have been to protect the people he knew from embarrassment at what was revealed or to protect himself from any
revenge attempts some of these occultly powerful people may have tried to make against him. Its all speculation. I was amazed to see that there is still so much material of Castillon on the Net when I "googled" him recently. The identity of Mademoiselle Senza that's another mystery especially how she came to be his ward and I am beginning to think she could have been his love-child by Semiramis. Has the Vatican really changed its stance on Angels and Demons. I haven't seen much about that and I haven't seen any critiques of the film in English papers yet.
I must have missed the BBC's Old Curiosity Shop. The ending of it, that is Little Nell's death, is supposed to have reduced grown men to tears including the notoriously severe Chief Justice Lord Cockburn but Oscar Wilde made one of his barbed epigrams about it saying "A man would need a heart of stone not to burst out - Laughing! Poor old Oscar - I wonder did Castillon ever meet him. Not beyond the bounds of possibility given that Oscar spent his last years in France after his release from prison.
The big topic of news over here is the discovery that British Members of Parliament have been shamefully misusing the money they are allowed to claim as cost-of-living allowances for all sorts of questionable purposes. It turns out - no surprise to an old cynic like me - that our beloved Mother of Parliaments is just as corrupt as any other country's government.
Have been having more trouble with AOL - over the weekend it wouldn't let me access my e-mails most annoying but seems to be ok now. Take care.

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