Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Potosi, Bolivia - Silver Mines

Hi Jill
Well Rodrigo's fortune or rather his inheritance was founded originally on the silver mines of Potosi. I am going to send you some more on his Martinist connections etc. in the near future. I suppose my painting is subject to all sorts of subconscious and dreaming influences in common with most other artists (not that I am one of those - just a part-time painter) I suspect. Your journal must be a most fascinating document - worthy in parts for publication maybe. I think the mysterious Liliane was the daughter of a woman Castillon met during his English "exile" and took under his "protection" (as they termed it in those days), a teenager, and that he feared he was becoming fatally attracted to and that that was the reason for his sudden decision to rush off to serve in World War 1. More later.

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